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Feb 11, 2013 9:00pm PST
was staff sergeant a staff sergeant who saved lives in a terrible battle with the taliban in afghanistan ferocious fateing and spoke with abc news correspondent jonathan karl. >> for clint a high honor and heavy burden. for american hero leader of a band of hero through one of the most intense battle of the entire war in afghanistan. >> clint, this is our nation highest military decoration. reflects the gratitude of our entire country. >> this video was shot by the taliban on the day that army staff sergeant helped rappel the attack more than 300 enemy fighters against his unit of just 53 men definding out post the president today called tactically indefensible. >> mess men were out numbered out gun and almost overrun. >> creditd with rae taking the out post and helping save many of the brother in arms. more than 20 including rome were injured. 8 were killed. family were hear and he spoke to us about them before today ceremony. >> no doubt your fallen comrade in that room with you. >> they will be there. i just know it. >>reporter: many of the fellow soldiers here today. rome
Feb 6, 2013 9:00pm PST
been more than 300 drone strikes in the last decade, killing thousands of al-qaeda and taliban but more than 300 is civilians as well. a world away in remote villages you you can hear them like a distant muted chain saw. a dull but deadly roar. villagers describing it this way, the drones are all over my brain. i can't sleep when they are hovering over us we are all scared. a reality we seldom see says stanley mcchrystol. >> we will forget how much car tissue we build up in those countries. >> the general believes that americans should have the chance to know more about the secret drone wars to weigh those benefits and risks. theyville that opportunity on thursday when john brennan speaks. martha raddatz, abc news, jerusalem. >> at least four people thieved dead after yesterday's 8.0 earthquake off the solomon islands. it generated attune a tsunami o five feet tall and flooded the local airport. dozens of aftershocks now being felt. >>> to syria now. the capital city has not seen the scale of violence that has destroyed entire neighborhoods in cities like aleppo and holmes. the governme
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2